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"Beyond grateful to have you both"

"We are beyond grateful to have you both for this chapter. It was so lovely to get to know you both better. It made us fall in love with your photography even more. It's slightly surreal to see us in your photos because I'm not sure we ever imagined having these moments captured the way you are able to. Truly, we cannot thank you enough"
- Morgan
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You deserve to feel confident and comfortable

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding goes beyond just capturing moments; it's about inviting us into your most intimate memories. This journey of intimacy, vulnerability, and trust ensures every laugh, tear, and tender glance is immortalized with the authenticity it deserves.
Unscripted Photographs
An Elevated Experience
”They managed to capture our personality and our essence perfectly, they truly are incredibly talented!”

Maximize light. Minimize distraction.

Your photographs are edited with intention. True colors, maximizing light, minimizing distraction. No heavy-handed presets with unnatural skin tones. You will see yourself and all your favorite people in your photos. We know you’re going to love your photographs for the rest of your life, we treat them like the family heirlooms they are.

"Insane! So so good!!!

- Lindsey | They Royal Hotel, Picton

Family History

Share your photographs

Where will your photographs live? Technology is incredible in allowing you to share your photos with friends and family, however, photos get lost and forgotten in the cloud. Not yours. You will share your photographs and album in person, with your people. You will hear about how they experienced your wedding, their stories of connection. These stories become your family history.

Family History


Makes the dream work

Your experience over everything. As wife and husband we are in sync, reading each other’s minds, but more importantly we reflect on each experience together. We’re constantly pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves, for you, for your experience, for your wedding memories.


Family Formals

Family formals you will love for generations

Probably one of things you’re least looking forward to on your wedding day. With pre-planning and a seamless approach to organization and marshalling your family members we’ll have these family heirlooms captured quickly and painlessly.

Family Formals


Wondering what to do with your hands?

When in doubt, put your hands on your person. You are going to love your portrait session, treat it like a moment to just breathe and soak it up with your partner.



No checking items off a shot-list

We will do our part to make everyone comfortable having us around. Your job is to be fully present with the people you’ve surrounded yourself with. Do your best to put your phones away and be confident that we will capture your day. We will plan ahead with you so we are fully aware of any particular moments, heirlooms or traditions you absolutely want documented.

Unscripted Photographs
Why we photograph weddings
We discovered our love for weddings during our own wedding (10 years ago) in Ireland. We took our parents and siblings for a two-week adventure throughout Ireland, tying the knot with a monk in Killarney. Having a once in a lifetime experience with our immediate family was our top priority. Looking back on that moment now we are so grateful for that time together, and the photographs that help us remember.

Alecia Asselin

Fascinated by all the ways we give and receive love, the ways in which we age, the timeless elements of the human experience.

Formerly a Speech-Language Pathologist, Alecia will be listening for your family history, capturing moments you will talk about for years to come.
Proud to be known as the dancing photographer once the DJ starts, Alecia will be busting a move (with no rhythm) because vulnerability is the key to those uninhibited dance floor gems.
third wave coffee lover
mountain lover
third wave coffee lover

Patrick Asselin

Full of big ideas. Patrick is the dreamer. With his easy going, positive energy you’ll find yourself offering him a drink and telling him your groups in-jokes.

An athlete who thrives on high-pressure, adrenaline rich environments Patrick is laser focused and has the technical know-how to nail even the most chaotic moments.
Work Hard
Stay Present
Be Kind
Keep Learning
“The day after the wedding, almost every single family member who was there commented on how lovely Al and Pat were, how easy going and fun they were, and how half the time everyone forgot there were two photographers in the background, catching all the special moments.”


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Collaborating with ALECIA PATRICK provides a calm genuine, joyful experience.

“Their energy and care was exactly what was needed on our wedding day to help us feel calm, cool, and collected. They helped us to look our absolute best in our photos that we'll enjoy for a lifetime”

- Alex
Elevate your love story
Unscripted photographs
An Elevated Experience
“I would not be able to get married if they could not be my photographers”
- Michelle, Bride