Romantic Elopement at The Drake Devonshire

Updated March 3, 2021

Where to start? You know when you meet someone and you instantly have a little fizz of energy like your souls understand each other? Every once in a while we meet couples and this happens for us, such was the case when Sarah and Asad contacted us about their intimate elopement in Prince Edward County.

bride and groom sit in owners suite at drake devonshire elopement

Sarah and Asad initially reached out to learn about how to elope in Prince Edward County. They had initially planned a big wedding in downtown Toronto with 250 guests. As they came to terms with not having their big dream wedding (covid problems) they started thinking about what they could do, just the two of them if they had the choice to do whatever they wanted. Their priorities were each other, their outfits, the destination, and the photography.

We took some time to propose options, review the timeline, and plan for the three main events: an epic sunrise first look, the wedding ceremony at the Owners Suite at the Drake Devonshire, and a post-ceremony wine tour. For sunset elopement inspiration check out this Sandbanks Sunset Elopement post.

Epic first look at sunrise at Wellington Rotary Beach

You can plan the timeline, you can make checklists of items to bring, you can watch the weather, but at the end of the day, you have no control over the skies. On Sunday morning we drove out to Wellington in the dark. Patrick and I met Asad in the parking lot of the Drake Devonshire and then Patrick drove him to Wellington Beach. I popped upstairs to find Sarah coming down the hallway and needing her dress zipped. It was trial by fire and I was 100% on board. We took deep breaths, we straightened and gathered the dress, then we headed for the beach ourselves. The light started peeking in from behind the horizon as we made it to the beach.

bride walking to sunrise elopement at wellington rotary beach
bride walking to first look at wellington rotary beach
groom waiting for bride first look wellington rotary beach
sunrise first look at wellington rotary beach

Sarah was a vision in her flowing NEWHITE gown and stilettos. She carefully made her way towards Asad on the beach as the waves crashed against the shore. At 6 AM on a Sunday in August, we were the only four people on the beach.

Guys, I love a first look. If you ask me, everyone should do it. This first look was something else. The sky came out for us, the sun crested, the waves crashed and the sheer joy that emanated from Sarah and Asad was like nothing I’d ever witnessed.

bride in NEWHITE dress for sunrise elopement pec
bride approaching groom at sunrise first look wellington
bride and groom first look at sunrise elopement
wellington beach first look at elopement
bride and groom embrace at wellington rotary beach first look

Couple’s Portraits at Sunrise at Wellington Rotary Beach, Prince Edward County

We budgeted plenty of time for Sarah and Asad to have some quiet moments to themselves, to connect and hold each other and soak in every second. Then we wandered around the beach for their portrait session. This location is epic at any time of day but at sunrise, with no one else on the beach, it was pure magic.

bride and groom embrace at wellington rotary beach sunrise first look
bride and groom embrace at wellington rotary beach elopement
couple elope at wellington rotary beach at sunrise
groom touches brides face during elopment at wellington rotary beach
bride's newhite bridal gown flows in wind at sunrise elopement
bride and groom walk along pier at wellington rotary beach elopement
bride and groom epic portrait at wellington rotary beach elopment

Intimate Wedding Ceremony in the Owner’s Suite at the Drake Devonshire, Prince Edward County

We brought Sarah and Asad back to the Drake Devonshire in time for their 8 AM wedding ceremony on the balcony of the Owner’s Suite. Their officiant, Brittany Shannon from Sandbanks Ceremonies was ready and waiting but there was absolutely no rush. Sarah and Asad were able to take their time and savour every moment, checking in on the breakfast spread (home-baked blueberry scones from the Drake Commissary) and chilled champagne - a gift from Sarah’s parents. Sarah carefully arranged the tea ceremony and we were all set for the main event.

bride laughs during drake devonshire elopement
bride and groom walking to ceremony on owners suite balcony
drake devonshire elopement on owners suite balcony
wedding ceremony on owners suite balcony drake devonshire
laughter during elopement on owners suite balcony drake
couple exchange rings during owners suite ceremony drake devonshire
tea ceremony during drake devonshire elopement

Sarah and Asad made their commitment in front of each other, their officiant, and us (as their witnesses). It was an elegant and emotional ceremony, and exactly what they had hoped for.

Wedding Portraits at the Drake Devonshire, Owner’s Suite and Lakeside Property

After several toasts and a sampling of breakfast, we captured a few quiet moments with Sarah and Asad in the Owner’s Suite. The design features of this space are endless and perfectly aligned with Sarah and Asad’s impeccable taste. Sarah’s bouquet was hand-crafted by Coriander Girl in Picton.

couple getting ready at drake devonshire elopement
bride in NEWHITE dress with coriander girl bouquet drake devonshire
groom walking owners suite balcony drake devonshire
bride and groom reflection in owners suite drake devonshire
bride and groom hands at drake devonshire elopement
bride with coriander girl wedding bouquet drake devonshire
bride and groom elope at drake devonshire
traditional wedding portrait at drake devonshire elopement
couple walking into drake devonshire elopement

Newly-wed Wine Tasting and Couple’s Session at Karlo Estates

Newly married and ready to experience some Prince Edward County gems, we met Sarah and Asad at Karlo Estates for a wine tasting and couple’s session. Karlo Estates has plenty of indoor (and outdoor) space for tastings and also provides room to roam through the vineyard. If you wander the short road through the vineyard to the back of the property you will find the largest dry stone bridge in North America. It is the perfect place to enjoy your glass of wine and to take in your surroundings.

couple elope at Karlo Estates Winery
eloping couple walks through Karlo Estates Winery
elope couple walk through Karlo Estates Winery
newly weds toast elopement at Karlo Estates Winery

Thank you Sarah & Asad for choosing us to rise with you, to witness your commitment, and to document this first step into your new adventure. We can not wait until the next time you visit us in Prince Edward County!

Drake Devonshire Elopement Vendors:

Sarah’s dress: NEWHITE | L.A.
Florist: Coriander Girl PEC | Picton, Prince Edward County
Venue: The Owner’s Suite | Drake Devonshire | Wellington, Prince Edward County
Officiant: Brittany Shannon | Sandbanks Ceremonies | Prince Edward County
Winery: Karlo Estates | Hillier, Prince Edward County

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