Sunset Session + Our tips for Engagement Shoots

Updated March 4, 2021

engaged couple embrace at soper creek engagement session

What does a sunset engagement session look like in August in Bowmanville, Ontario?

We met Connor and Michelle at Soper Creek Park in Bowmanville for their engagement session. We always schedule our engagement sessions approximately 90 minutes before sunset to ensure we can work with that soft golden light. For this session, we actually started half an hour earlier than usual. Since they chose a mostly tree-covered park we knew we’d lose the sun behind the trees a bit early. Keep reading for some major sunset engagement shoot inspiration in Bowmanville and our top tips for making the most of your engagement session.

Pro-tip: consider how much light is available when choosing your engagement session location and timing.

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Engagement Session + Wedding Make-up Trial = Match Made in Heaven

Michelle opted to have her wedding make-up trial for their engagement session. We love this option as it gives you a chance to see how the make-up look will feel to wear, and how it photographs. You can then tweak it ahead of the wedding day and be confident that on your wedding day you won’t have to worry about it at all. Plus, it alleviates any stress of doing your own make-up for the engagement session. I’m all about anything that relieves your stress and makes you enjoy these moments. It’s a win-win.

engaged couple embrace at soper creek trail
engaged couple embrace at bowmanville engagement session
sunset engagement session at soper creek trail
engaged couple cuddle at sunset bowmanville

Engagement Sessions in Public Spaces

If you’re considering your location options for your engagement session keep in mind that public spaces are often busy at sunset on a beautiful summer evening. This path was fairly quiet and depending on your personality you may have a laugh as passersby egg you on and wish you congratulations on your engagement! However, if your a more private person, consider choosing a location that is equally private. You may choose your own backyard, a family member’s property, a more remote location, or even a sunrise session instead of sunset.

engaged couple walking along soper creek trail
couple walking along soper creek trail engagement session
bride and groom walk along soper creek trail park
engaged couple dance at soper creek trail park

Our Expectations for you at your Engagement Shoot

Connor and Michelle both said this was their first time having a professional photography session. Before the session, we walked them through our expectations.

1. Be Present

Show up as yourself, the whole you. Wear what you feel great in. Let yourself experience this moment fully, don't hold anything back.

2. Be Intentional

Include the people, the places and the mementos that mean the most to you. Your images are like little time capsules, let them show exactly who you are in this moment.

3. Savour the Moment

Your images will evoke the feelings you felt in the moment, so feel all the things in that moment! Laugh, cry, stand in stillness, do whatever feels right to you. We encourage couples to think of their engagement session as a date, this is your moment to love on your partner and give them your undivided attention for 60-90 minutes, savour this moment.

engaged couple sit at soper creek trail
engaged couple dancing at sunset session
sunset engagement session at soper creek trail
sunset engagement session with couple in bowmanville
couple holding hands at soper creek trail park

How to get the engagement photos you want

  1. Do what feels normal.
  2. Don’t overthink it.
  3. Always touching. This always gets a laugh, but we’ll remind you throughout the session. Help your partner over obstacles by holding hands, snuggle in when we move from location to location, these transitional moments are some of our favourites. You tend to let your guard down and just move with your partner, absolute engagement gold.
  4. Move around - a lot! Whenever it feels natural, move your body. A soft sway, rubbing your partner’s arms, playing with their hair, touching their face. All these small movements make your images sing.
sunset engagement session bowmanville
engaged couple walk through soper creek trail park
engaged couple embrace at sunset session
engagement session at sunset bowmanville

Remember: This is a combined effort to make your images meaningful for you. If you want to look like yourself in your images you have to show up and be yourself so we can capture your magic!

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“I would not be able to get married if they could not be my photographers”
- Michelle, Bride